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Forum Guidelines

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Forum Guidelines

What is permitted -
  • Making appropriate topics related to the site/pack/forum.
  • Editing/deleting your posts.
  • Posting as much as you want as long as it is after someone besides yourself.
  • Speaking your mind.
  • Swearing and cursing in small amounts, we all get angry sometimes.
  • Critiques are welcome as long as they are helpful.
  • Suggestions to improve the pack and/or fourms.
  • Roleplaying on other topics beside the main RPs, nothing too massive though, "*hugs*" or "-dances-" is fine.

What is not permitted -
  • Spamming and double posting.
  • Going off topic.
  • Text speak in posts, in small amouts it is allowed in chat.
  • Backseat moderating.
  • Links/pictures showing anything related to sex, drugs, violence, or racism.
  • Racism in general.
  • Posts created for attention or pity.

Cana wrote:Definition of SPAM
SPAM= Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages. Listed below are our definitions of "SPAM":
•Off-topic posts- any post that is either irrelevant to the forum or topic
•Intentional post-count-raising- replying to questions that have already been answered and repeating the answer, or just posting nonsense that has nothing to do with that forum or discussion.
•One-word replies- actually, this includes any posts with three words or less. If you can reply with three words or less, it's probably not worth saying.
•Personal topics- anything not directed to all forum members (unless it’s in a pack topic) should be sent using private messages or e-mails.
•Offers for solicitations/services
•Double-posting- please edit previous posts instead of posting more than once.
•Non-normal writing- Text speak (ex- btw I g2g), SHOUTING, or using excessive numbers of: smileys, font colors, or punctuation (ex- !!??!??!?!) may all be considered SPAM

If you have any more suggestions on what should go up on the list, feel free to message myself or Odysseus. ^^

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