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Pack FAQ

"What is this pack based off of?"
Well, the pack first originated on WolfQuest, an educational game where you can play as a wolf.
For more information please visit the offical WolfQuest website:

"I have a WolfQuest account, how do I join?"
The easiest way to join the pack on WolfQuest is to fill out the first application that is located near the bottom of the pack topic.
If you are looking for the pack topic, here is the link:

"I don't have a WolfQuest account, how do I join?"
Simply post in the Guestbook stating that you would like to join the pack, a Dominate or high ranking member will get in contact with you.
Joining the pack randomly is not taken very kindly, but is understandable in some circumstances.

"Does the pack go on WolfQuest Multiplayer?"
As a matter of fact we are one of the few larger packs on WolfQuest that do. ^^
Unfortunately multiplayer servers can only hold 5 IP addresses at one time, meaning you have to join the server pretty damn fast to make sure you get a spot. If worst comes to worst, the Dominates will make two different servers to hold everyone that wants to come.

FAQ - Pack Howlz

"Who are the Dominates at this time?"

"Can I/how do I become a Dominate?"
Unless you earn the spot of a Dominate, challenging them will result in severe conciquences.

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